Washington state legislators; bring back our police pursuit law to protect citizens!

Washington state legislators; bring back our police pursuit law to protect citizens!

So many of our police officers’ decisions happen in a split second. Making the right choice can save lives, property and help get dangerous individuals off our streets. Making the wrong choice can do the opposite. Given the pressure and sacrifice that comes with the job, you would think our legislature would do everything they can to set them up for success.

Sadly, this isn’t the case. Two years ago, the  Washington Legislature passed HB 1054, which, among other things, made it nearly impossible for police officers to pursue dangerous criminals. And not surprisingly, this doesn’t help them do their jobs to keep us safe.

Over the past two years, criminals increasingly refuse to stop for police and auto thefts have surged since the passage of this extreme policy. To add insult to injury, it turns out the law was partially based on a now debunked study.

The new law has backfired, and some of the same legislators who put this into law are reconsidering their misguided actions. There has been bipartisan support to make changes that actually help law enforcement keep us safe.

Last week, HB 1363 passed out of a House committee and will continue toward a full vote by represenatives in the coming days. The good news is this bill takes small steps to allow police to pursue criminals. The bad news is the bill is a watered-down version of what we really need and what was supported by dozens of legislators from both parties.

It is shameful that lawmakers are playing politics with our family’s safety. We need our officers to be able to pursue criminals, not have their hands tied behind their backs by legislators who put the rights of criminals in front of the rights of victims.

We need you to make your voice heard to make sure these shameful legislators restore HB 1363 to its original language. Only then will we be able to ensure our police are able to make those life and death split second choices to protect you and citizens across the state.

Time is very short. Please contact your legislators today and tell them you want a real fix by restoring HB 1363 to its original language to keep Washingtonians safe.


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