Power The Movement


It’s time to change the course of Washington state to prioritize policies that will allow our citizens,
entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive and prosper.


To make America’s 42nd state the envy of the country – a place where citizens have opportunities to fulfill their dreams and where businesses are encouraged to innovate and expand.


By turning frustration into action, we will build a diverse and engaged community of Washingtonians to fuel a wave of empowerment. We will serve as an organized and effective voice for good ideas and common sense policies on timely and topical issues including: Creating a safe and livable state, ensuring a more affordable cost of living, lowering our taxes, and providing an environment for our citizens and business to thrive. We will provide a means for citizens to make their voices heard and their actions count by respectfully communicating with lawmakers. 

Washingtonians deserve inspiration and hope that the future of our state can and will be better.