Your voices stopped a property tax hike in its tracks

Your voices stopped a property tax hike in its tracks

Over the past few weeks we’ve asked our audience to contact lawmakers about SB 5770, a bill that would’ve tripled the rate at which local governments around the state could increase property taxes without a public vote, and congratulations – you did it! 

Thanks to the hundreds of people that reached out to their elected officials, the bill’s author and lead sponsor, Sen. Jamie Pederson (D-Seattle), said he “heard the public’s concerns about property taxes” and will not be advancing the bill any further.

This is a monumental shift in how things are done in Olympia. In years past, something like this would’ve likely sailed right through—part of the reason so many radical and extreme laws have been dropped on taxpayers in our state. But no more. Now people are standing up and speaking out. 

Sen. John Braun, the Senate Republican leader who was also leading the legislative push against this property tax increase shared this message with us: 

We’ll keep you informed and up-to-speed for the next time lawmakers need to hear from you. 

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