You can help repeal the payroll tax that is costing Washingtonians

You can help repeal the payroll tax that is costing Washingtonians

Last summer, Washingtonians were hit with a new payroll tax that left employees with no option but to have money taken out of their paychecks. This new tax will supposedly cover a deeply unpopular long-term care program that is unlikely to provide the care it is supposed to subsidize. Now, the state is taking 58 cents out of every $100 dollars earned in Washington, “for a paltry long-term-care benefit they may never need, qualify for or receive.”

Here’s how it fails

There are significant issues with the program. 

  • It’s mandatory – Washingtonians are forced to pay. 
  • Many workers won’t qualify, despite being forced to pay into it. 
  • Lifetime benefits are at $36,500 which covers about 3 months for most people requiring care. 
  • It is already facing insolvency even at that low level, so the maximum is likely be reduced before many people retire. 
  • If you move out of state, you lose everything you’ve paid into it.
  • If you contribute for fewer than 10 years, you receive no benefits (with a few special exceptions). And, if you stop working for 5 or more years, maybe to pursue educational goals to stay home with young children, the clock resets on those 10 years.

The Association of Washington Business wrote a letter to Gov. Inslee and other state leaders saying the program “is unclear, insolvent, and does not address the actual long-term care needs of all Washington state residents.” The public joined business leaders in calling for a repeal of this tax, but Olympia didn’t listen. In fact, the proposal to have it repealed didn’t even receive a hearing. Now, it’s time for the people of Washington to take action. 

But you can help fix it

Ballot Initiative I-2124 would repeal the current law and give workers the choice to opt out of state-run long-term coverage at any time. Your signature is critical to getting this repeal passed, and all signatures need to happen in person – not online. 

Find a signing location here and make sure you sign as soon as possible to make sure your voice is heard. If Let’s Go Washington collects enough signatures, state lawmakers can either choose to repeal the tax or let voters decide in November 2024. 

Add your name to the list of Washingtonians who support I-2124. Let’s repeal this payroll tax and give workers a choice. 

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