Washingtonians want solutions on crime

Washingtonians want solutions on crime

A new survey found that more than half of Washingtonians think crime is one of the state’s biggest issues today. 

Future 42’s Washington State Spring 2023 Priorities Survey sampled 600 registered voters in the state of Washington about a wide range of issues and found they are deeply concerned about the direction in which the state is moving. Crime is a large factor in that concern.

While naming crime as one of the top issues in the state overall, there is worry about underlying issues as well. These include addressing the drug problem in the state and reinstating vehicular police pursuit. 54% of respondents support a new law that allows gross misdemeanor drug charges to be dropped if the defendant completes drug treatment. 60% want vehicular police pursuit to be fully restored to the 2021 threshold. 

People in Washington want action taken on crime but do not believe it’s being addressed adequately. Nearly two-thirds of respondents felt that legislature did not focus enough on crime in Washington – and a majority disapprove of both Inslee and state legislature –  which should be a clear signal to lawmakers that they need to refocus their priorities if they wish to remain in office. 

The Future 42 Washington State Spring 2023 Priorities Survey is an annual survey conducted by Echelon Insights. This edition consisted of 70% text-to-web responses and 30% landline live interviews conducted June 5-7, 2023.  The margin of error is ± 5.0%. 

Full results can be found here.

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