Washington Policy Center: WA Dept. of Ecology contradicts previous claims on climate tax

Washington Policy Center: WA Dept. of Ecology contradicts previous claims on climate tax

The Inslee Administration and Washington Department of Ecology staff are being criticized for changing narratives and sharing alleged misinformation regarding the impact of Washington’s Climate Commitment Act (CCA) on gas and natural gas prices. 

While originally denying there would be significant price hikes, they later attributed rises to global events and other factors, distancing the CCA from being the sole cause. 

Contradictory statements, particularly from Ecology Director Laura Watson, about the estimated costs and impacts of CO2 allowances and the cap-and-invest program, have caused public mistrust and skepticism about the state’s transparency and accountability concerning its climate policy.

Staff at the Department of Ecology have again changed their story on the impact of the state’s tax on CO2 emissions on the price of gasoline and natural gas.

Even as the Washington State Utilities Commission admits the state’s climate policy, known as the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), is increasing natural gas prices – the governor, his press secretary, and staff at the Department of Ecology continue to distract and mislead the public from the consequences of their own policy.

A Download file letter from Ecology Director Laura Watson demonstrates how the Inslee Administration is intentionally misleading legislators and the public about the cost of this program.

Read the full article here.

It’s evident that honesty is missing from the discourse on Washington’s climate law and, as long as this persists, such issues will remain in the spotlight.

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