WA Supreme Court analysis finds progressive domination of donations, decisions
December 1, 2023

WA Supreme Court analysis finds progressive domination of donations, decisions

Electoral watchdog Ballotpedia released an analysis of campaign finance and court case outcomes for Washington Supreme Court candidates from 2013 to 2022 revealed a dominance of progressive candidates and causes. This study analyzed data of campaign donors and court case parties and then how the Court ruled to differentiate between progressive and conservative ideological leanings across various sectors and policy areas.

Despite the supposedly nonpartisan nature of Supreme Court elections, the research highlighted a significant gap in information for voters, with the study aiming to provide context about the political inputs (campaign funding) and outcomes (court rulings) in these elections.

The analysis showed more than 99% of significant contributions to winning state Supreme Court candidates were from progressive sources. Court case outcomes also reflected this trend, with 74% of cases involving progressive parties receiving favorable decisions, compared to only 14% for those involving conservatives. The report also noted the top categories of parties with the highest and lowest rates of favorable decisions, irrespective of their ideological stance.

Read the full Center Square article here.

The Ballotpedia analysis starkly reveals the overwhelming influence of progressive funding and ideology in shaping the outcomes of Washington state’s supposedly nonpartisan Supreme Court elections and decisions by our elected Justices.

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