Victory! Three voter initiatives to become law in Washington

Victory! Three voter initiatives to become law in Washington

A momentous achievement has been secured for the people of Washington. After tireless advocacy from everyday Washingtonians, three of the six initiatives before the state legislature have officially passed both chambers and will soon become law.


The Police Pursuit, Income Tax Prohibition, and Parental Notification initiatives cleared their final hurdles on March 4 when they were approved by the House and Senate. These new laws will take effect three months after the end of the current legislative session, which ends Thursday, March 7. 

This hard-fought victory was only possible through the voices and actions of dedicated Washingtonians who participated in the democratic process. By signing petitions, attending rallies, contacting representatives, submitting testimony, and raising awareness, normal folks made an undeniable impact that our lawmakers could no longer ignore.

As we celebrate this well-deserved success together, we must also look ahead to the next critical battle on the horizon. The remaining three voter-initiated measures regarding capital gains tax, cap and trade policies, and long-term care taxes were deliberately sidestepped and denied public hearings by those in power—ignoring their constitutional duty to prioritize citizen-backed initiatives. 

Such overt obstructionism raises serious concerns over the motivations of elected officials. These tax-related initiatives directly threaten a significant source of revenue for the state. Following the money leads to the obvious conclusion that Olympia is more concerned with preserving its own coffers to fund ineffective burdensome programs than respecting the will of the people. Thus, they punted the decision to voters at the next statewide ballot. 

Opponents are expected to marshal tremendous resources to mislead citizens through expensive media blitzes and political spin. But we have proven that when the people lead, the people succeed. Stay engaged, keep using your voice, and show up on election day!

Momentum is on our side after this win and more victories are in reach. 

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