Three initiatives granted hearings and looming concerns about selective action
February 26, 2024

Three initiatives granted hearings and looming concerns about selective action

Washington lawmakers have heeded the calls from citizens and have scheduled hearings next week for three out of the six initiatives that are before the state legislature including: the prohibition of state and local income tax, rolling back restrictions on police pursuit, and instituting parental notification laws. If we convince our lawmakers to pass these initiatives in both chambers, they will become law immediately. 

As the hearings approach, we urge you to engage in the democratic process. Your voice can make a real difference. Sign up for in-person or written testimony to make your voice heard and help change the direction of our state! 

NOTE: For committee hearings, the Washington legislature allows voters to register to testify in person or remotely, you can submit written testimony, or you can have your position noted for the record. All options are explained in detail at the links above. Whatever support you can offer is incredibly impactful. We need to show overwhelming demand for these initiatives!

For too long, our politicians ignored all six initiatives. But after several rallies at the capitol, and continued pressure on lawmakers from constituents, they are finally starting to listen. Be sure to get their full attention by signing up to give a testimony. This can go a very long way to get these initiatives across the finish line!

But a big question remains, what of the other three initiatives pertaining to the capital gains tax, cap and trade, and the long-term care tax? These issues are equally pressing and constitutionally deserve the same level of consideration too. So why the cherry-picking? One common thread is funding. The initiatives left untouched are the ones that directly impact the coffers of those in power – and impact Washington families struggling to make ends meet. It raises legitimate concerns about whether our lawmakers are truly acting in the best interest of the people or merely safeguarding their own interests.

While Washingtonians continue to pressure lawmakers to grant hearings on the last three initiatives, we suspect our politicians will continue to delay, leaving the ultimate decision up to voters on the next ballot. 

The time for action is now. Together, let’s use our voices to show support for these initiatives and make sure they receive the attention and consideration that they deserve.

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