Tell Snohomish County lawmakers to hold hearings on citizen-sponsored initiatives
February 6, 2024

Tell Snohomish County lawmakers to hold hearings on citizen-sponsored initiatives

Every legislative session has the potential to make history, but this year it’s already been done. And the credit goes to the over 800,000 citizens who signed one or more of the six initiatives to the legislature. It’s uncommon for any initiative to qualify; it’s unheard of for multiple to do so. A historic effort has been demonstrated by the people of Washington indicating they are hungry for legislative change.

As you may have heard, the Secretary of State has certified all six initiatives to the Legislature: allowing police to engage in safely pursue criminals in vehicles, repealing the carbon gas tax, allowing workers to opt-out of the state-run long term care program, repealing the capital gains income tax, banning a state income tax, and parental notification of school curriculum/medical procedures.

Article II, Section 1 of the state Constitution requires initiatives to the legislature to “take precedence over all other measures in the legislature except appropriation bills.” This means that, regardless of whether the politicians in Olympia personally support them, they have a constitutional obligation to elevate the discussion about the initiatives during this year’s 60-day legislative session and give the people their voice. 

Unfortunately, every single member of the majority party in the State House of Representatives is opposing giving these initiatives committee hearings while the State Senate has not formally voted but not hearings have been held as we near the halfway point of the Session. Not only does this undermine their constitutional duty, it flies in the face of every single Washingtonian who signed one of the initiatives.

We need you to reach out to our local Snohomish County legislators in the majority party and demand that they follow their constitutional duty and give the initiatives a committee hearing at a minimum. 


Stay tuned for further updates on the initiatives and the legislative session.

Thank you for your engagement with Future 42 Snohomish County.

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