Seattle business owner: Police arrive in time to catch thieves, have to watch them drive off
February 29, 2024

Seattle business owner: Police arrive in time to catch thieves, have to watch them drive off

Mike Dunn is President of Dunn Lumber, a Seattle company in operation since 1911. He traveled to Olympia on Wednesday, Feb. 28, to testify in support of the initiative to restore police pursuit in Washington. However, only a few people were allowed to testify by the committee chair, and he was not among them. His prepared remarks are published here with his permission. This should have been heard and deserves to be heard by all legislators and voters in our state, highlighting another impact of this misguided law, impacting small businesses and their employees.

Good morning. I am Mike Dunn of Dunn Lumber, a Seattle company since 1911 and I am here in Support of the initiative for reasonable pursuit.

Our nine locations have experienced an explosion of crime in the last 3 years. Break-ins have increased from one every couple of years to one every month.

One of the more heinous examples happened in November, where a stolen truck backed at high-speed through the front of our Shoreline location, demolishing the entrance in order to steal $10,000 in power tools. The police arrived in time, but as the thieves had made into their vehicle they were able to drive off. Even though they smashed into a police cruiser on their way out, they were not pursued.

The money is not inconsequential, but the emotional impact on my 440 employees is of greater consequence. My employees and my customers do not feel safe coming to Dunn Lumber and should we decide to close like so many other family businesses are doing, this would be the reason.

PS, on my way to Olympia Wednesday, I received the following text: “I’m sure you are aware of the break-in at our Seattle store this morning. Chris said the police got there in time to watch them drive off with the load of stolen goods in the back of their truck. No chase of course. Good luck today!”

PPS, it was disheartening to see the Democrats using up the clock in spite of all the people who wanted to testify. I’m saddened, and ashamed to be represented by our state government.


Photo: Mike Dunn and his daughter Kristen, photo courtesy of Dunn Lumber. 

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