Rally: Demand Democrat legislators stop delaying democracy on voter initiatives

Rally: Demand Democrat legislators stop delaying democracy on voter initiatives

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, January 31, 2024, at 3:30PM

WHERE: CAPITOL STEPS, North/Supreme Court Side

WHO:   Undivided Host Brandi Kruse and WA GOP Chair Jim Walsh will be featured speakers, joining Future 42 and grassroots activists from the Steelhead Alliance

WHY: Our state’s Democratic lawmakers are failing to uphold constitutional mandates by obstructing the consideration of voter-backed initiatives. Despite the Washington Constitution’s clear directives, none of the six certified initiatives before the state legislature have been granted the priority they deserve.

These initiatives address critical issues such as allowing police to pursue dangerous criminals, lowering gas prices by repealing the carbon tax, parental notification laws, capital gains income tax abolition, lowering payroll taxes, and prohibition of state and local income taxes. Republican efforts to prioritize hearings for these initiatives have been unanimously rejected by House Democrats, while bills granting extensive influence to the Attorney General over fiscal notes for alternative initiatives have received swift attention.

This disregard for constitutional duty by our legislators undermines the voice of Washingtonians and the integrity of the democratic process.

There are over 2.6 million signatures for these initiatives, expecting our lawmakers to take the swift and decisive action they are legally required to. Join us on Wednesday, January 31st at the State Capitol in Olympia and demand they do so.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sally Poliak
Future 42 Co-Leader

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