MEDIA ADVISORY: Gas rolled back to $3.82 in Kent today highlighting why WA’s gas is among most expensive and what can be done about it

MEDIA ADVISORY: Gas rolled back to $3.82 in Kent today highlighting why WA’s gas is among most expensive and what can be done about it

Dann Mead Smith

Gas rolled back to $3.82 in Kent today highlighting why WA’s gas is among most expensive and what can be done about it

Future 42 and AFP rolled back gas prices to highlight Washington’s tax and cap and trade policies and 200 people filled up their tanks in just two hours as gas dropped from $5.17 to $3.82

 KENT, WA — Future 42 and Americans for Prosperity-Washington (AFP-WA) rolled back the price of gasoline to $3.82, the national average for a gallon of gas, at Jackson’s Shell station in Kent on Wednesday to highlight this stark difference and the true cost of Washington’s policies.

The state’s new Cap and Trade climate emissions law has Washingtonians paying more and getting less. Gas prices have skyrocketed to more than five dollars per gallon, over $1.20 more than the national average. Meanwhile, Governor Inslee claims his new expensive cap and trade and carbon tax would have “minimal impact, if any” on consumers.

“This additional carbon tax has hurt me bad and limited the amount of volunteer work I can do because I can’t afford transportation,” said Corey Rube, a disabled Army veteran living on a fixed income who benefited from today’s event. “[The legislators in Olympia] should take mercy on the citizens… especially people with lower or fixed incomes – the elderly, the disabled – who need transportation to get to the hospital, to get groceries. [A]ll of our food and other essentials come by truck and also pay these taxes. It hurts us far more than the wealthy or people that are entitled, like politicians.”

“People were waiting in line for an hour before the event even started. We provided some short-term relief today but the goal was to bring much-needed, long-term relief in the form of repealing the cap-and-trade law and have lower gas every day of the year,” said Future 42’s Dann Mead Smith and AFP WA’s Heather Andrews.

“Policy decisions like this new law have real life impact,” said Dann Mead Smith.  “High prices for gas and now home heating bills are hurting our families and small businesses at a time when we can least afford it.”  The event highlighted that gas does not need to be so expensive in Washington and that there is a policy reason why our state has gas priced at over $5.00/gallon.  “We also gave attendees solutions to repeal this damaging and expensive new tax.”

Attendees were not only be able to get cheap gas, but also heard how Future 42 and AFP are educating citizens about this new law and how they get involved via a lawsuit challenging the 2021 transportation package, that increased driver’s license fees and allowed for the cap and trade and low-carbon fuel programs; and about Initiative 2117 that is collecting signatures that would both repeal the cap and tax system and prohibit state agencies from imposing any type of future carbon tax/cap and trade program.

Future 42 is turning frustration into action, by building a diverse and engaged community of Washingtonians to fuel a wave of empowerment.  Future 42 is part of Project 42, a 501c4 nonprofit organization based in Washington state.  For more information visit,

Through broad-based grassroots outreach, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is driving long-term solutions to the country’s biggest problems.  For more information, visit

And special thanks to Jackson’s Shell and our partner organizations for this event: Washington Food Industry Association, Building Industry Association of Washington Citizen Action Defense Fund, NECA/Puget Sound Chapter, Washington Policy Center, Washington Retail Association, Washington Trucking Associations

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