Introducing the “Real Solutions to Homelessness” Pledge

Introducing the “Real Solutions to Homelessness” Pledge

The progressive approaches of “housing first” and “harm reduction” are failing our communities. While taxes increase and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on these ineffective programs, homelessness, overdose deaths, and drug-associated crime have been on the rise.

To counter these harmful progressive approaches, 50+ local elected officials throughout Washington State have signed on to a policy pledge which outlines seven alternative ideas for effective policy solutions:

  1. Requiring that individuals who receive taxpayer-subsidized supportive housing while experiencing substance use disorders actively participate in a drug treatment program, with the ultimate goal of sobriety. 
  2. Defunding existing harm-reduction programs such as “safe consumption sites” and needle exchanges and introducing land-use regulations to prohibit the future siting of such facilities.
  3. Investing in the creation of additional mental health treatment beds, slots, and capacity. In particular, resources focused on involuntary commitment under Ricky’s Law for those experiencing substance use disorders should be prioritized. 
  4. Requiring mandatory minimum sentencing from judicial officers for prolific offenders who have been arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of drug-related crimes on multiple occasions.
  5. Enacting stricter laws to address unauthorized encampments, including unauthorized vehicular encampments. Prior to addressing encampment issues, alternative shelter capacity must be made available.
  6. Discouraging panhandling in the public right-of-way and instead encouraging community donations to local nonprofits.
  7. Partnering with effective nonprofits with proven success in addressing homelessness and substance use disorders.

Thank you to the local elected officials who have signed on to these common sense approaches as alternatives to the flawed “housing first” and “harm reduction” programs currently in place.


There is great momentum behind this effort and we are still accepting additional signatures on the pledge.

Elected officials interested in signing the pledge can reach out to

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