Bad policies have real-world impact

Bad policies have real-world impact

People talk a lot about high gas prices. We see a lot of discussion in the news and debates in Olympia. But it’s not just a political debate; it’s something that impacts the lives of Washingtonians every day. 

The national average price of gas is just over $3.79 per gallon but, here in Washington, it is more than $5.13. While that has made transportation difficult over the past several months, winter is coming up quickly, and the price of heating our homes is going to be stretching budgets to the breaking point or beyond. 

We recently worked with Americans for Prosperity – Washington to “roll back” gas prices to the national average. Hours before the event started, people started lining up. We heard from people who were having to choose between putting food on the table, a roof over their heads or gas in the tank. And that means getting to work, getting their kids to school, making it to medical appointments, or taking care of other necessities. Fuel isn’t a luxury. 

That was a short-term event, but we’re working to make those prices permanent. We’re fighting the policies that caused gas prices to skyrocket – and you can help. One way you can do that is to share your story. Click the link below and tell us what high gas prices have meant to you. 


Gov. Inslee was warned the program would be certain to increase gas prices, but  he said, “The oil and gas industry projections around any of this are halfway between hogwash and baloney.” Rather than a sharp rise in prices, he promised, “This is going to have a minimal impact, if any. Pennies. We are talking about pennies.” The State Department of Ecology claimed that price increases would be minimal – a claim that was quietly scrubbed from their website. 

Experts estimate Inslee’s policies are responsible for around 50 cents of every gallon of gas. It doesn’t have to be that way.

By sharing your story, you can help us spread the word about what this tax means to people in Washington and keep the pressure on legislators to repeal it. 

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