Action Alert: Sign the Petition for a Safer Bellingham

Action Alert: Sign the Petition for a Safer Bellingham

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership and Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce recently launched a community campaign for Public Safety Solutions asking the Mayor and City Council of Bellingham to take action to increase public safety in the City.

The petition requests Bellingham’s public officials to increase security personnel in Downtown, work with Whatcom County to ease booking restrictions for repeat offenders, increase resources to clean up Downtown, and stop the distribution of illegal drugs. “Despite some progress in all of the above [referencing increased police staffing and behavioral health services], our neighborhood is less safe and less livable than just a few years ago,” the petition states.

The campaign has already gained support from local businesses including Pure Bliss Desserts, Aslan Brewing Company, Bellingham SeaFeast, Makeworth Coffee Roasters, Old World Deli, Carnal, and Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, according to the Bellingham Herald.

Public safety has been a significant topic of discussion in Bellingham over the past few months, partially due to ongoing deliberations over a new Whatcom County jail likely on the ballot this November and to City Council discussions. In March, Mayor Seth Fleetwood proposed an ordinance to make drug use a misdemeanor, subject to arrest. The City Council originally rejected Mayor Fleetwood’s proposal but brought a similar ordinance back to the Council in April, approving it with a 5-2 vote.

As part of Future 42, we are asking that If you live, work, own a business, shop, or visit Bellingham, sign the petition today to ask Bellingham’s officials to take significant action towards public safety.

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