2023 Whatcom County Scorecard: How your local leaders voted on key issues

2023 Whatcom County Scorecard: How your local leaders voted on key issues

Do you ever feel like it’s difficult to keep track of local politics? With the busyness of life, it’s hard to volunteer hours in the evening to attend council meetings. Or perhaps you’ve wanted something simple that gives you an overview of what your local leaders voted for to can show to a neighbor.

To address this, we are pleased to announce our first-ever annual 2023 Whatcom County Scorecard! The County Council votes on issues that affect our everyday lives, like taxes, public safety, agriculture, and issues surrounding small businesses.

We’ve reviewed the major votes that occurred in 2023 and have summarized them in an easy-to use format. See how your elected officials voted on key proposals, like banning flotation devices on the Nooksack River or appointing (rather than electing) our Sheriff. If you’d like to read the exact ordinance, click on the title and it will take you directly to the Council website.

Click the image below to read the scorecard or go to future42.org/whatcomscorecard. We intend to create a similar scorecard for 2024, so email us if you are concerned about a specific County Council issue.

Additionally, here’s a 2024 legislative recap by Future 42’s Dann Mead Smith published in Business Pulse Magazine. See how your state senator and representatives in the 40th and 42nd districts voted on critical issues like energy choice, police pursuits, the six ballot initiatives, and rent control.

Thanks for staying engaged with Future 42 Whatcom and turning frustration into action.

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